WI Gov. Walker Says Media Wrongly Link Him To “Criminal Scheme”


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker appeared on “Fox & Friends” today, defending himself against allegations that he was involved in a “criminal scheme” saying that there is no case against him, Politico reports. “Don't just take my word for it, look at the facts and the facts are pretty clear,” Walker said. “Both judges said they didn't buy the argument, they didn't think that anything had been done that was illegal and so they've gone forward and not only said 'we don't buy it' but actually shut the case down.”

Court documents that exposed a possible “criminal scheme” tied to Walker to coordinate fundraising for Republicans during recall elections in 2011 and 2012 were released yesterday. Walker, his chief of staff and others were included in documents as taking part in the alleged coordination effort with “a number of national groups and prominent figures” including Karl Rove, according to special prosecutor Francis Schmitz. “Many of the national media and even some here in Wisconsin are looking at this thing backwards,” Walker said. “This is a case that's been resolved, that not one, but two judges said is over and we're just learning about it because it became open in a document yesterday. But there is no argument there.” (The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that a federal appeals court is reviewing the investigation.)

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