OR School Shooter Had Plan To Kill Classmates; Family Never Saw It


Jared Padgett’s family knew him as a happy, chatty person who was quick to hug, full of love and had a goal in life, unlike many teenagers. They never imagined he would lug weapons to school, kill a fellow student, injure a teacher and then take his own life, reports The Oregonian. “Everybody loved him,” said Stephanie Fields, an aunt. “The Jared we knew and loved was not the Jared of Tuesday morning. Everybody is devastated.”

The family is grieving both for Jared, 15, and Emilio Hoffman, the 14-year-old student who Jared killed Tuesday at Reynolds High School. No one in the family appears to have seen this coming. In searching Jared’s home, detectives found a journal in which he described a plan to kill classmates. Padgett called some people “sinners,” railing against those who smoked cigarettes or took the Lord’s name in vain. His family never saw that anger. Padgett loved guns and enjoyed video games, like many boys. He had a plan, intending to follow in the footsteps of his older brother and join the military.

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