NYC Gun-Control March A Move To Take On Nation’s Gun Culture


Hundreds of gun-control advocates who crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and marched on New York City Hall on Saturday had an emotional message to deliver about mass shootings: “Not one more!” The Christian Science Monitor says the march is part of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's gambit to coalesce a gun control movement flush with money but low on national traction. They are up against a considerable foe – not just the powerful National Rifle Association, but a trend toward expanding, not contracting gun rights.

As the number of Columbine-style school shootings pile up to 15 since Newtown in 2012, the march represents a shift among gun control groups. Finding little traction in Congress and state houses, they're starting to take on gun culture more generally, forcing Americans to look at whether broadening gun rights is motivating young, white males who are opening fire on their fellow citizens and classmates. President Obama angered some gun control advocates when he acknowledged there's little that can be done until Americans more broadly reconsider the current gun rights trajectory.

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