NRA Calls A Staffer’s Criticism Of TX Open-Carry Rallies A Mistake


The National Rifle Association rolled back a statement criticizing “open carry” rallies in Texas in which gun rights advocates have brought military-style assault rifles into public places, reports the Associated Press. Chris Cox, executive director of the group’s lobbying arm, said on an NRA-hosted radio show that the statement was “a mistake,” written by a staffer who was expressing his personal opinion.

“The truth is, an alert went out that referred to this type of behavior as ‘weird’ or somehow not normal, and that was a mistake. It shouldn’t have happened,” said Cox, who added that the group “unequivocally” supports open carry laws. The open carry rallies in restaurants and other businesses — part of a push for less restrictive gun laws, including legalizing the open carry of handguns — have prompted public criticism, and the NRA appeared to join in last week. The statement appeared on the website of the group’s lobbying arm, the Institute for Legislative Action, saying that the demonstrations were counterproductive, scary and “downright weird.”

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