Mexican Drug Gangs Flooding Texas With Cheap, Pure Meth


Mexican drug gangs are flooding Texas with more cheap, pure methamphetamine, according to law officers, drug criminals and data assembled by the Dallas Morning News. Clandestine Mexican labs operating on an industrial scale produce meth in liquid form. Traffickers smuggle it across the border, convert it into crystalline form and set up drug houses in cities. The distributors sometimes pose as normal families and expose their children to dangerous chemicals used to convert the meth from liquid to crystal.

The meth trail often ends in “a spasm of human misery,” says the newspaper. Addicts go to prison or die from medical complications. Social-service agencies take their children away. Some addicts bottom out and seek a return to normalcy at residential recovery centers. That dozens of Mexican syndicates control the retail meth market throughout Texas comes as no surprise to Brian Lane and other addicts who help each other maintain sobriety at one center. “My dealer was a Hispanic female with a connection to people from Mexico,” said Lane, who is celebrating two years of meth-free living. “We were getting really good stuff.” Federal drug analysts estimate that more than 90 percent of the meth in Texas comes from Mexico.

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