Why CA Student Newspaper Didn’t Report On Killings For Two Days


Daily Nexus, the independent, student-run newspaper at Univeristy of California, Santa Barbara, posted its first story about the mass murders at 10:27 p.m. last Friday, one hour after the earliest law enforcement report of “shots fired.” The paper's reporters, photographers and editors haven't stopped working since, reports CalBuzz. The Bottom Line, their student government-financed, journalistic rival, posted its first story two day later: an op-ed that carried this stunning headline: “Why We Have Not Yet Published Anything on the Isla Vista Shooting.”

“After extensive discussions among our Editorial Staff, advisor and alumni, we have decided to not immediately publish an article on the recent tragedy in our community of Isla Vista to minimize the emotional harm for our reporters, photographers and multimedia journalists. Before we are journalists, we are Gauchos and feel we need our time to mourn, process and recover from this senseless violence,” the student government paper said. The contrasting approaches of two papers run by students to sudden and senseless, up-close-and-personal horror offers a rare and stark case study of how news media may approach – or avoid — the plague of such murderous episodes.

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