Comey Not Changing FBI Policy On Pot, Calls Comments A Joke


FBI Director James Comey said he was trying to be “funny” when he remarked this week that some of the people he’s looking to hire to fight cybercrime “want to smoke weed on the way to the interview,” Politico reports. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Al.) made clear yesterday he didn’t see much humor in the subject as he questioned Comey at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. The senator said he was “very disappointed” in Comey’s remarks “which seemed to make light of marijuana use” by young people.

“Do you understand that that could be interpreted as one more example of leadership in America dismissing the seriousness of marijuana use and that could undermine our ability to convince young people not to go down a dangerous path?” Sessions asked. “Very much, Senator,” Comey replied. “I am determined not to lose my sense of humor, but, unfortunately, there I was trying to be both serious and funny.” Comey added: “I am absolutely dead set against using marijuana. I don't want young people to use marijuana. It’s against the law.” Comey has not suggested any change to the policy that bars FBI employment of people who’ve used pot in the past three years.

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