“Failure Of Journalism:” Giving OK Convict More Sympathy Than Victim


Patinkin recounts the story of Neiman, 19 in 1999 when she drove with a girlfriend to visit a man who lived with his 9-month-old daughter. They didn't know Lockett had just broken into that house with two accomplices. Lockett and the others had tied up the man and were beating him, saying he owed them money. Neiman also was beaten, and mouth was covered with duct tape. The men raped her friend and drive the adults and child to an isolated road. When Stephanie at first wouldn't agree not to call police later, Lockett shot her with a sawed-off shotgun. Patinkin doesn’t defend “what I agree was a botched execution. I just felt the coverage failed to paint a full picture of what Clayton Lockett did to get the death penalty. And I don't understand why journalism has given him a thousand times more sympathy than the innocent girl he tortured and murdered.”

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