MN Teen The Latest Angry Youth Seeking Columbine-Like Attention


Multiple bombs. An arsenal of guns. Months of detailed planning for killing his family and unleashing explosives and bullets on his Waseca, Mn., classmates. The Minneapolis Star Tribune says it was meant to happen on April 20, the 15th anniversary of the rampage at Columbine High School, John LaDue told police. LaDue was arrested last week as he was preparing for the attack he postponed when April 20 fell on Easter. He was the latest angry, disturbed teen who fell prey to the “Columbine effect,” after the infamous school massacre, when twelve students and one teacher died in April 1999, along with the two teenage gunmen, who killed themselves.

Bruce Shapiro of the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma at Columbia University said “there's no doubt that many of these shooters learn from past events.” Steve Brock of California State University and the National Association of School Psychologists said, “Young people see these acts and the incredible amount of attention given to it and believe, somehow, they'll derive some benefit. Dave Cullen, author of the book “Columbine,” said disturbed kids see the Colorado massacre as the template to exact revenge on schools. LaDue “idolized” Columbine shooter Eric Harris. “You've got teen boys. They are lashing out about all sorts of things. They don't know how to get themselves heard,” Cullen said. “It's going to keep happening.”

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