NY Woman Guilty in Gun Case From Firefighter Ambush


Even after a guilty verdict in the case gave some closure, emotions are still raw over the ambush killing of two West Webster, N.Y., firefighters on Christmas Eve 2012, reports the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. Dawn Nguyen, 25, was convicted last week of lying on a firearms transaction form when she bought a pair of guns back in 2010. Prosecutors argued that this act put the weapons in the hands of her neighbor, William Spengler Jr., a convicted felon who used the guns to kill two firefighters and wound two others.

In Webster, several residents and public safety leaders said they were satisfied that Nguyen had been held accountable for a decision that helped lead to the shootings. She will be sentenced May 19 for first-degree falsification of a business record, a felony that does not necessarily require prison time, but carries a maximum sentence of four years. She also still faces three federal charges in connection with the 2010 gun purchase — making false statements in acquiring firearms, disposing of firearms to a convicted felon and possessing firearms as an unlawful user of marijuana.

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