Survey Finds Employers Prefer Rap Sheet to Resume Lies


Lying on a resume is viewed more harshly than a criminal record, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. A recent survey of companies that rely on employee background checks found “that employers consider resume distortions as a serious breach of trust and confidence,” according to EmployeeScreenIQ. “In fact, this data suggests employers are more concerned about resume distortions than criminal convictions.”

This is the fifth year the company has done the informal survey, partly aimed at finding out how employers use background checks. Nearly 600 companies participated in the poll. Jill Rizika, executive director of a Cleveland organization that helps ex-offenders find work, said she was encouraged by the results. Under the “ban the box” movement, 11 states now have laws that forbid employers from using admission of a conviction on an application as a first-step rejection of a potential employee.

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