Milwaukee Guy Buyback To Produce Garden Tools, But Will It Cut Crime?


A Milwaukee gun buyback program next month will involve melting turned-in guns and forging them into garden tools “to bring life to the city,” Marty Forman, owner of Midwest Forman Recycling, tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. About $76,000 has been pledged in private donations to pay for the gun buyback, with support from many other scrap metal companies. No city taxpayer money is involved.

Gun buybacks typically don’t attract the guns most frequently linked to firearm homicides and suicides — pistols — says a 2002 study by the Firearm Injury Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin. “I know it’s not a panacea, but it works,” said the Rev. Mose Fuller, an advocate of the gun buyback. Police Chief Edward Flynn described the gun buyback as an organizing event that is part of a much larger anti-violence effort. “To me, it is a very important symbol of community rejection of violence,” he said.

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