Nebraska Shoulders Costs of Weed From Colorado


Lawmen on Nebraska’s mari­juana frontier are biting the bullet over the costs of enforcing drug violations attributed to Colorado’s legalized pot, reports the Omaha World-Herald. Some are quietly grumbling about why Nebraska taxpayers, not Coloradans, are saddled with the cost of jailing, prosecuting and defending people arrested on suspicion of felony marijuana crimes in Nebraska because they’re packing Colorado pot.

The issue is a complicated tangle of laws and regulations laced with uncertainty. Although marijuana use is legal in Colorado, it remains an illicit drug under federal law and in Nebraska and the six other states that border Colorado. In western Nebraska, Deuel County Sheriff Adam Hayward said there is constant chatter among regional law enforcement officers — who are increasingly busy handling cases involving Colorado marijuana — that Colorado should shoulder some of the cost. Nebraska officials say they wouldn’t rule out the possibility of taking Colorado to court over Nebraska’s law enforcement costs.

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