Detroit Police Stop Issuing Major Crime Summary Report


The Detroit Police Department has stopped issuing the “Major Crime Summary Report” after the death of radio personality and activist Angelo Henderson, who spoke daily about the crime report and the wanted suspects on his radio show, reports the Motor City Muckracker. Police Chief James Craig wouldn’t comment, but former Deputy Police Chief Jamie Fields said Craig's decision to keep the public in the dark contradicts his claim that he wants a more transparent department. “Transparency is the foundation of community policing,” Fields said. “If you want visibility and transparency but your platform obscures or hides it by not being open to the community by not sharing information on crimes that occurred in their neighborhood, then that's your de facto strategy; whatever else you might say about your community policing efforts, they will be perceived as a lie at worse or ironic at best.”

For years, the police department released daily information about violent crimes. It included the location of the incidents, information on the victims and most important, details of the suspects. That information was used by the media to warn the public about dangerous suspects and to map out the location of violent crimes. Police spokesman Michael Woody said the department is “working to find new and innovative ways to deliver this information.” He said, “We are currently working on an app that will not only report our crime stats but allow the user to submit tips, view wanted posters and our Facebook feeds. Plus some other top secret software.”

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