Student’s Death Is First Linked To Legal Marijuana in Colorado


A college student visiting Denver jumped to his death from a hotel balcony after eating marijuana-infused cookies, reports the Denver Post. The coroner’s report marks the first time authorities have publicly linked a death to marijuana since legal sales of recreational cannabis began in Colorado. Levy Thamba, 19, a student at Northwest College in Powell, Wy., died last month. The coroner listed “marijuana intoxication” from cannabis-infused cookies as a significant condition contributing to the death. The report classifies the death as an accident.

On March 11, the report says, Thamba consumed “marijuana cookies” and “soon thereafter exhibited hostile behavior (pulling items off the walls) and spoke erratically…The decedent’s friends attempted to calm him down and were temporarily successful…However, the decedent eventually reportedly jumped out of bed, went outside the hotel room, and jumped over the balcony railing.” In January, Colorado became the first state to allow people 21 and over to buy marijuana for any purpose from regulated stores. Investigators believe a friend of Thamba purchased the cookies in a recreational marijuana store.

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