Innocent NYC Bystander’s Death Focuses Attention On Teen Crew Shootings


Kahton Anderson, 14, of New York City, is accused of fatally shooting a man, 39, on a bus after aiming at another teen. The New York times asks how a “petty turf war between ‘crews’ of children barely into their teens could breed such random, deadly violence, particularly since the murder rate, especially killings by strangers, has dropped so much.”

Police say clashes between teenage crews, mini-gangs that grow out of blocks or housing projects, account for 30 percent of shootings in the city. But most of the time, those caught in the crossfire are rivals and friends, not an innocent bystander as in the Anderson case. Anderson’s father defended his son, saying he was simply protecting himself. The victim, who was on his way home between his two jobs when he was shot, “did not deserve to die so tragically, and we will hold the defendant Kahton Anderson responsible for taking the life of this innocent and hard-working man,” said Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson. The Times explores the violent world of the city’s teen crews.

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