Chicago Police 911 Dispatch Times Vary; ACLU Alleges Racial Inequities


If you need a cop in an emergency, it routinely takes Chicago's 911 center more than three times longer to dispatch a police car in some parts of the South Side than it does downtown and in much of the North Side, a Chicago Sun-Times analysis found. Chicago Police Department officials say the data don't necessarily reflect how long it takes for officers to get to the scene of a crime.

Still, the disparities in dispatch times have become the newest point of contention in the long-running court battle to force Mayor Rahm Emanuel's administration to assign more officers to black and Hispanic neighborhoods. In a 2011 lawsuit, the American Civil Liberties Union and neighborhood activists accuse City Hall of discrimination for not having enough officers in higher-crime areas. The ACLU’s Harvey Grossman said the Sun-Times data “clearly establishes that the delays and inequities continue to the present.”

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