IN Jail Checking How Women Can Be Mistakenly Housed With Men


When a guard at Indianapolis’ Marion County Jail inadvertently locked a male inmate and a female inmate in the same cell last summer, leading to the woman claiming the man sexually assaulted her, Sheriff John Layton demanded action. He reprimanded three deputies and ordered them to undergo remedial training. He swore he would work to prevent such a mix-up from ever happening again, but eight months later, it did, reports the Indianapolis Star. On Tuesday a woman was put in the wrong cell block — this time, one with nine men.

Lt. Col. Gary Tingle, the jail division commander, said investigators are not yet sure how long the woman spent in the cell. “It's a complicated issue,” Tingle said. “The facility is antiquated. It's old. We don't have enough space for the number of inmates that we currently house, and so we're constantly changing our cell blocks in order to accommodate the number of beds that we have.” A statement from Layton's office chalked the incident up to the same issue: “chronic jail overcrowding.” At the time of the incident, the jail was holding 936 inmates, 264 of them female. Tingle said a cell block can change functions about six times per week, sometimes as many as two or three times per day.

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