Border Patrol Turns Enforcement Focus To More Technology


At a Phoenix conference on border security, the talk was about technology: concentrating U.S. Border Patrol agents, equipped with late-model surveillance tools, in areas of frequent illegal traffic, while using aerial drones to monitor remote, lightly trafficked spots, the New York Times reports. Border Patrol chief Michael Fisher said the goal of the strategy is to “shrink the border,” allowing agents to focus on areas where criminal smugglers of migrants and drugs were most likely to travel.

The plan is to cover 900 miles, or 45 percent of the border, by 2016 with a “dense” array of agents and technology, and to monitor 1,092 miles, the other 55 percent, with “persistent surveillance” informed by drones. The plan was eagerly received by hundreds of merchants who brought their wares to the Border Security Expo, a technology bazaar in the convention center filled with darting robots, winged drones, high-powered microwave radios and video cameras that can peer over fences and through walls, day or night.

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