Parental Fears Of Online Sex Predators Are Called Overblown


Just as parents are terrified of online predators, they routinely tell their children not to talk to strangers, even though a child has about as little a chance of being abducted by strangers today as he or she did in the 1970s, says Slate. The website quotes anthropologist Danah Boyd as narrowing down exactly who is at risk of sexual abuse, and it's not your average protected suburbanite. Most kids know what they're doing.

Alarmists quote a study from the Crimes Against Children Research Center claiming 1 in 5 children has been sexually solicited online. That study also found only 4 percent of solicitations came from people known to be older than 25 and that in 75 percent of the incidents reported, the teenagers said they were not upset or afraid. The kids vulnerable to predators are the same ones who are vulnerable in the real world: the ones who get drawn in, who participate all too willingly because they are neglected, or come from abusive homes, or are drug addicts, or starved in some way for adult attention.

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