San Diego Cracks Down After More Distracted Pedestrians Die In Crashes


San Diego police officers were out in force yesterday to crack down on distracted drivers and pedestrians after an alarming number of accidents this year, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune. Six of the 19 pedestrians hit by cars since January have died, Lt. Steve Hutchinson said. The pedestrians were at fault in 10 of those crashes. That is just two fewer vehicle-vs-pedestrian accidents than in all of 2013. “People are just not paying attention while they are driving and while they are walking,” Hutchinson said.

In January, a 15-year-old girl walked into the path of a semi-truck and was hit and killed. Investigators said she was using her cellphone and not watching where she was going. Yesterday’s crackdown was aimed not only at enforcing traffic laws, but at educating the public about the dangers of being distracted. When violators are ticketed, they often tell officers that they do not appreciate being singled out for something they think is a minor infraction. Hutchinson said, “We want to stop it before it gets major.”

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