NRA “Revving Up Lobbying Machine” As States Resume Gun Control Battles


A Florida Republican legislator is using Jordan Davis, a 16-year-old black youth killed in a fight over loud rap music, to try fixing the state's pioneering “stand your ground” law by curbing self-defense protections for people who start a fight and finish it with gunshots, reports the Christian Science Monitor. Davis’ parents planned to testify in Georgia against a proposal that would make Georgia the nation’s first to allow gun-carry at airports, including the nation's busiest hub, in Atlanta. The National Rifle Association calls the bill the “most comprehensive pro-gun reform legislation introduced in recent state history.”

As gun-control proponents launched what the Rev. Al Sharpton called a “spring and summer offensive” to fight the expansion of gun rights and push for the repeal or modification of stand-your-ground statutes, the reaction from legislators in strong self-defense states like Florida and Georgia could be telling for a broader debate about the extent to which greater gun rights make society more or less dangerous. The NRA, after moderating its rhetoric and legislative agenda after the 2012 Newtown, Ct., massacre, has begun to rev up its lobbying machine and put it back into high gear.

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