Minnesota Student Newspaper Publishes Photos Of Student Drug Use


Media blogger Jim Romenesko tells the story behind the story of photos (which appeared on Instagram) of drug use accompanying a University of Minnesota Daily comparing crime rates in different dormitories. Photographer Lisa Persson says she and a reporter were escorted into various residence halls by a current resident and listened for activity in rooms. “If we heard noises that we associated with partying or potential drug use … we would knock on the door, explain the project, and asked if we could observe their activities and take photos for about ten minutes.”

Students were granted anonymity, and editor-in-chief Anthony Wagner said, “Given the sensitive nature of the photos, we also followed up with all the students a couple days later to get the consent and anonymity specifics in writing. …The director of University Relations called me … to ask if the photos were authentic and get details about how we took them'”

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