The Costs of Violent Crime


A new Justice Canada study obtained by the Canadian Press finds that violent crime poses a huge financial burden on the economy.

The study examined every case of assault, criminal harassment, homicide, robbery and sexual assault that occurred in Canada in 2009. The cost to the country, which has fewer residents than California, was roughly $12.7 billion CAD (about $11.5 billion U.S.), according to the report.

“By far the largest single cost — $4.8 billion (CAD) of the total — was attributed to sexual assault and other sexual offenses, crimes in which more than 90 per cent of victims were women,” according to the Canadian Press.

The study includes accounts for dozens of costs associated with being the victim of crime, including medical care, lost wages and court costs. Those losses were overwhelmingly felt by victims, according to the study, which found that they shouldered about $10.6 billion CAD in costs.

Read the Canadian Press report here.

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