How Jurors Escape Service (Or Try): Taking Dogs To Doctor, Unsightly Rashes


More than 3,000 residents of Las Vegas’ Clark County are sitting in judgment of their fellow citizens this year, but many try to get out of jury service with unusual excuses, says the Las Vegas Sun. Among the favorites: dogs who need surgery and dogs who eat summons. One potential juror told the court, “I can't go to jury duty because I have to take my baby to the doctor.” When asked how old the baby was, the woman said the baby was a dog. While questioning potential jurors, Judge Douglas Herndon noticed a man moving around a lot in his chair. The man said, “I've developed this really unsightly rash all over the better part of my body, and the doctors haven't yet figured out what it is.” Herndon excused him.

One woman told Judge Carolyn Ellsworth she couldn't serve because she was allergic to wool, and she believed that the lawyers involved in the case were wearing wool suits. The criminal defense attorney informed her that his suit was polyester. Another juror asked to be excused to attend a funeral. Asked when the funeral was, the prospective juror said the person hadn't died yet — but he was sure the person would soon.

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