CA Court Case Prompts 50% Rise In Orange County Concealed Gun Applications


The Orange County, Ca., Sheriff's Department may hire temporary staff to help process a flood of concealed weapons permit applications after its decision to loosen the county's gun restrictions, reports the Los Angeles Times. More than 500 people have applied for concealed weapons permits in Orange County in the last 10 days, nearly as many as applied all of last year.

Sheriff Sandra Hutchens announced the policy change last week in response to a pro-gun U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that California counties may no longer require residents who want to carry concealed firearms to demonstrate a specific, individualized need to do so. Because the ruling is not yet final, and if successfully appealed may never take effect, Hutchens said applicants are encouraged to submit a statement of “good cause,” even though it's no longer required. If all or most of the 500 are approved, it would mark more than a 50 percent increase in the number of people licensed to carry concealed weapons in Orange County. As of last week, Hallock said, there were 906 active permits.

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