U.S. Trial For Guzman? “Completely Political Decision” Seen In Mexico


With alleged drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman back in Mexican custody, now starts what is likely to be a lengthy and complicated legal process to decide which country gets to try him first, the Associated Press reports. He faces many charges in Mexico, and grand juries in at least seven U.S. federal district courts, including Chicago, San Diego, New York and Texas, have indicted him on charges incluiding smuggling cocaine and heroin into the U.S. and participating in an ongoing criminal enterprise involving murder and racketeering.

Federal officials in Chicago were among the first to say they wanted Guzman tried in their jurisdiction. A U.S. Justice Department official said decisions regarding extradition have not been made. George Grayson, a professor at the College of William and Mary who studies Mexico's cartels, said domestic politics in Mexico are likely to play a significant role in how Mexico decides Guzman's future. “It's going to be a completely political decision,” Grayson said. “It's going to be framed by how does this help . . . in next year's congressional elections.”

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