Killing Of Man Who Threw Rocks At Border Agent Raises Force Issue


The fatal shooting of a man who allegedly threw rocks at a federal Border Patrol agent while trying to escape capture in the San Diego mountains Tuesday has rekindled concerns over the contentious issue of how much force border agents should use when trying to apprehend suspected illegal immigrants, says the Christian Science Monitor. The San Diego County Sheriff's Department said the agent was struck and injured by the rock-throwing man and shouted warnings before firing his gun.

A 2012 government-commissioned report that included an internal review by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, parent agency of the Border Patrol, as well as an independent review by the Police Executive Research Forum, examined the issue and made recommendations, among them curbs on deadly force in response to rock-throwing. After the report, the parent agency did not place restrictions on the use of deadly force, opting instead to reaffirm the current policy. The larger point is “how marginalized groups are treated by those who are in power,” says Charles Gallagher, chair of the Sociology Department at La Salle University in Philadelphia.

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