FL Jurors Deadlock On Racially-Charged Shooting, Convict On 4 Counts


A trial that put race relations and Florida's gun laws in the national spotlight ended Saturday night with a verdict that appeared to please no one, says the Florida Times-Union. Jurors deadlocked on whether Michael Dunn, 47, murdered Jordan Davis, 17, or shot him in self-defense. Judge Russell Healey declared a mistrial on the murder charge. Jurors did convict Dunn of the second-degree attempted murders of three others, and convicted him of a fourth count of firing bullets into the vehicle all four teenagers were in.

Dunn now could face prison for the rest of his life. Prosecutor Angela Corey said she would consult with the Davis family, but plans to retry Dunn for Davis' murder and would pursue a first-degree murder charge — which requires prosecutors to prove premeditation. Dunn's attorney said he would appeal. Months after the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial made Corey a national figure, personally prosecuted another case where the gunman was white and the victim was black.

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