$1 Billion In Payouts In Decade of Suits Vs. New York Police Officers


Peter Valentin, a hard-charging Bronx narcotics detective whose online handle is “PistolPete,” has been sued a stunning 28 times since 2006 on allegations of running slash-and-burn raids that left dozens of lives in ruins while resulting in few criminal convictions, says the New York Daily News. The city has paid out $884,000 to settle cases naming the 36-year-old detective.”I'm not aware of that,” he scoffed. “Once it goes to court, I don't follow it.”

The number of claims against the police department doubled over the past decade to a record high of 9,570 filed in 2012. The suits cost taxpayers more than $1 billion dollars during that time period. They “had a 'see no evil, hear no evil' attitude,” said former city Controller John Liu, whose repeated calls for analyzing lawsuits were ignored. A review of lawsuits against the NYPD over the past decade shows that 55 officers on the 34,000-person force were sued 10 or more times, costing taxpayers more than $6 million.

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