Dolphins Abuse Study Called “Best Report On Bullying I’ve Ever Read”


Ted Wells’ independent investigation of the Miami Dolphins and the culture of their offensive line is the opposite of a whitewash. The investigators' 140-page report on the events leading up to Jonathan Martin's departure from the team is “judicious, persuasive, and a public service,” says Emily Bazelon of, who calls it “the best report on bullying I’ve ever read.”

Carefully sifting through the evidence, it concludes that Richie Incognito and two teammates who acted as henchmen humiliated and harassed Martin, another unnamed teammate, and an assistant trainer for months in ways that no employee should have to endure. Bazelon says the report should be required reading in management courses and for anyone who wonders how ugly, demeaning, and corrosive treatment can lie beneath a façade of “all in good fun” workplace “teasing.”

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