Judge’s Order Invalidates St. Louis Red Light Cameras


A St. Louis judge has issued an order that invalidates the city's red-light camera ordinance, reports the Post-Dispatch. Circuit Judge Steven Ohmer’s order prohibits the city from attempting to enforce the ordinance, sending violation notices, processing payments or sending collection letters relating to the tickets. The ruling is based on a suit filed in November on behalf of two women who received tickets.

City officials said they will appeal and seek a court order allowing enforcement until the appeal is decided. St. Louis has the cameras at 35 intersections, and they brought in more than $4.1 million last year. Its contract with American Traffic Solutions Inc., of Scottsdale, Ariz., gives the city two-thirds of the $100 paid on each ticket. The cameras have become a contentious issue in St. Louis and many other cities, and the Missouri Supreme Court is ultimately expected to resolve questions over their usage.

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