Fleet of Donated Police Cars Are on the Streets in Detroit


The deployment of a privately funded fleet of police cruisers and ambulances in Detroit is nearly complete — welcome news for first responders who are used to driving older, often run-down vehicles, reports the Detroit New. The Detroit Police Department has put 130 of 144 new police cars into service, at least 100 of which were given to the city through an $8 million donation in the spring.

The money also covered the cost of 23 new EMS rigs. It was provided through a partnership of businesses, including the Penske Corp., Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Quicken Loans as well as General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody said each precinct has 10 to 12 of the new cars. Some precincts have been operating with newer 2011 vehicles, while the oldest cars in the fleet date back to 2000.

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