Abrams: Lack Of Evidence Means It’s OK For Media to Take Knox’ Side In Murder


Brian Stelter, host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” says he is “amazed” at how different the media coverage of the Amanda Knox case is in the United States versus Europe: “In Europe, it’s as if everyone believes she’s guilty. Here, it’s as if almost everyone believes she’s innocent.” Dan Abrams of ABC News observes that BBC keeps “mentioning the name of the victim, Meredith Kercher, and here, it’s all about Amanda Knox.”

Abrams says the “evidence that she and her ex-boyfriend were involved in the murder is really thin and slim.” He adds, “I think that even the media can make a judgment that says, looking at the evidence — because I have. I have looked at the evidence and I do not think that there is a remotely compelling case for murder.”

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