Tiny Fraction of Concealed Gun Owners Involved In Murders


Concealed-carry advocates say 8 million to 11 million Americans carry concealed guns in public in the name of protecting themselves and those around them, says the Christian Science Monitor. Less than two decades ago, fewer than a million people carried concealed weapons, and they were mostly ex-police, ex-military, or owners of cash businesses.

As more states expand open and concealed-gun carry to include bars, churches, airports, and college campuses, such tragedies highlight the life-and-death stakes of living in a more heavily armed America.

Complicating the rise of the concealed gun, new research on the psychology of what is called “embodied cognition” suggests that simply the act of holding a gun shades one’s perceptions, sometimes at odds with reality.

Still, “It’s hard to find any other group in the population that’s as law-abiding as” permitted gun carriers, says John Lott, an economist and gun-rights advocate and author of “More Guns, Less Crime.”

“The type of person who’s going to go through the process of getting a concealed-carry permit is not the kind of person you have to worry about,” Lott adds.

Data support Lott’s assertion. The number of incidents in which concealed-gun carriers kill innocent people is a fraction of 1 percent of all gun-related homicides.

Read the full Christian Science Monitor article here.

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