Complaint: Media Ignore Prosecutors’ Opposition To Holder Sentencing Stance

When Attorney General Eric Holder endorses legislation whose principal beneficiaries will be drug pushers, and does so contrary to the views of hundreds career U.S. Justice Department lawyers, do you think the mainstream media would do a story about that?, asks former federal prosecutor Bill Otis, now teaching law at Georgetown University, on the Crime and Consequences blog? “Not a peep,” Otis says.
Otis complains that “the mainstream media is on a tear to portray criminals as victims, drugs as harmless, prisons as savage, and prosecutors as thugs — people who joyfully, and routinely, put the innocent in jail, not because of the evidence (which never gets mentioned) but out of sheer hate.” Otis says that when hundreds of career prosecutors “take the risks of speaking out against the Attorney General on a matter this important, that is a news story…but not, it seems, if the news is being fed to us by those who prefer to see drug pushers get a windfall, and Eric Holder get a pass.”

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