Two Months After CO Pot Raids, Targets Back In Business, Baffled


Two months after the largest federal raids on the Colorado medical marijuana industry, many of the operators involved are back in business on a smaller scale, and one has been denied his attempt to enter the state’s recreational marijuana industry, reports the Denver Post. Several stores raided by armed federal agents have reopened. Some cultivation warehouses that were swept clean are again filled with marijuana plants. Nobody named in the search warrants has been arrested or even publicly accused of wrongdoing. At least three of those targets say they are baffled why the feds showed up at their doors.

Federal officials have remained publicly mum. The investigation is ongoing, they say. State regulators have taken some action against businesses owned by one raid target, Laszlo Bagi. The state Marijuana Enforcement Division sent notices of denial to Bagi-controlled businesses that had sought licenses to grow and sell recreational marijuana. Bagi, one of 10 people named as raid targets in a search warrant obtained by The Denver Post, has maintained his innocence. “If I did something wrong,” he said, “I think I’d be in jail.” The Nov. 21 raids hit at least 15 medical-marijuana shops, cultivation warehouses and homes of people connected to the businesses.

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