CO Schools Report Hundreds of Student Threats This Year


Five of Colorado’s largest school districts have investigated more than 400 threats by students this school year and put 40 of them at the highest levels of concern, reports the Denver Post. But more than a month after fatal shootings at Arapahoe High School, administrators at Littleton Public Schools still won’t say whether a threat made by gunman Karl Pierson in September prompted the district’s highest security response.

Pierson, 18, a senior at Arapahoe, killed student Claire Davis and then himself at the school on Dec. 13. Littleton was among school districts across Colorado that bolstered protocols for identifying the severity of threats and fashioned response plans after the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School. Three months before the shooting, Pierson threatened his speech and debate coach. The threat was reported to law enforcement, but neither the district nor law enforcers have explained any other action that was taken.

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