Officers Stopped IN Shooter With Modern Protocol: Don’t Wait For SWAT Team


A deadly shooting at an Indiana store last week could have been worse if not for the quick actions of two police officers who relied on training commonplace since the 1999 Columbine school shootings, the Associated Press reports. Cody Skipper and Jason Tripp arrived at the Elkhart store within three minutes and needed less than 60 seconds to kill a gunman who had killed two people and was threatening a third. Experts disagree whether patrol officers should confront a shooter immediately or wait for backup, especially if an officer is alone.

A decade ago, the Indiana officers might have waited for a specially equipped SWAT team, which was standard practice in many police departments. Training for active-shooter situations has now become routine, including preparing for the possibility that lone officers could be sent to stop a rampage. “If someone in the building is shooting, and you’re the first one there, you’re going in,” said Indiana State Police Trooper Aaron Gaul, who trains officer. Disagreeing was Texas-based security consultant Chris Grollnek, who said, The rule of thumb is never to go in alone. It’s a suicide mission if you go by yourself everywhere.”

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