Dallas Chief, Morning News Bicker Over Reporter’s Curse


Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown clearly is still miffed by intemperate words used by a Dallas Morning News reporter two years ago, reports Romenesko.com. After a reporter at the paper wrote recently that “as is often the case,” Brown “did not respond to a request for comment,” the chief tweeted that while he works “really well” with most reporters, “I don't care for being called an asshole and cocksucker though by the Belo folks.” The Morning News is owned by A.H. Belo.

It was a reference to Morning News reporter Tanya Eiserer, who reacted — outside of Brown’s hearing — when she learned that a police story she had exclusively was about to be announced to media at large. The paper’s editor, Bob Mong, wrote to Brown, “You know that she promptly apologized for her unprofessional remarks, and several of our editors – me included – met with you to discuss the situation…You indicated at the time that you could accept her apology, and that would be able to work with her professionally in the future.” Brown later tweeted, “my apologies a better choice would have been to just continue to ignore these reporters and their vulgarity.”

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