After Gun-Industry Complaints, Writer Metcalf Says “I”ve Been Vanished”


The byline of pre-eminent gun journalist Dick Metcalf has gone missing, says the New York Times. It has been removed from Guns & Ammo magazine, where his widely-read column once ran on the back page. He no longer stars on a popular television show about firearms. Gun companies have stopped flying him around the world and sending him the latest weapons to review. Metcalf was removed after a Guns & Ammo column titled “Let’s Talk Limits.” “The fact is,” wrote Metcalf, who has taught history at Cornell and Yale, “all constitutional rights are regulated, always have been, and need to be.”

Metcalf said his editor told him that two major gun manufacturers had said “in no uncertain terms” that they could no longer do business with InterMedia Outdoors, the company that publishes Guns & Ammo and co-produces his TV show, if he continued to work there. He was let go immediately. “I've been vanished, disappeared,” said Metcalf . He fears he has become a pariah in the gun industry, to which, he said, he has devoted nearly his entire adult life. “We are locked in a struggle with powerful forces in this country who will do anything to destroy the Second Amendment,” said Richard Venola, a former editor of Guns & Ammo. “The time for ceding some rational points is gone.” Garry James, a senior editor at Guns & Ammo, said readers were the magazine's main concern and its editorial independence was not at risk. He added, “advertisers obviously always have power, and you always feel some pressure.”

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