Setting Standards for Status Offender Care


A new website created by the the Coalition for Juvenile Justice, an advocacy group, highlights research and proposed standards for the care of youth charged with status offenses—violations that wouldn't be considered offenses but for the offender’s age, for instance: truancy, running away from home, curfew violations, alcohol or tobacco possession.

Each year, thousands of status offenders nationwide end up in juvenile detention.

The Crime Report previously featured a report from the Coalition for Juvenile Justice arguing that status offenders should never be detained. The report, released in December, said doing so may increase the likelihood youths will become more involved with the juvenile justice system and the adult criminal justice system.

Read more about the report HERE.

The website, SOS Project, features details glimpses at specific issue related to status offenders, such as disproportionate minority contact, girls in the juvenile justice system and adolescent brain development.

The site also highlights recommendations for a national set of standards for the treatment and care of status offenders, as well as trainings and media coverage of the issue.

Visit the SOS Project HERE.

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