Turnout Exceeds Predictions As Marijuana Legalization Starts In Colorado


Thousands of people in Colorado cheerfully stood in lines for hours yesterday to buy legal marijuana after presenting nothing more than identification, reports the Denver Post. Marijuana activists hailed the day as a watershed in their effort to overturn anti-cannabis laws. Store owners — several of whom said the turnout exceeded even their own ambitious expectations — feared running out of supply. Police reported no problems with the crowds, and government officials marveled at the calm.

“I’ve been waiting 34 years for this moment,” enthused Chrissy Robinson, who arrived at one Denver store at 2 a.m. to be among the first in line. “I’ve been smoking since I was 14. No more sneaking around.” At least 37 stores across the state were fully licensed and opened to sell marijuana to anyone 21 or over for any purpose. The first customer was Sean Azzariti, 32, an Iraq war veteran who campaigned for marijuana legalization and said he uses cannabis to alleviate symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Azzariti bought an eighth of an ounce of the marijuana strain Bubba Kush and a package of marijuana-infused candy truffles. The cost was $59.74, including $10.46 in tax. “I’m confident these businesses will perform and be a good example of how states can regulate marijuana,” said activist Mason Tvert. “Today, there will be people around the country buying marijuana. But only in Colorado will they be buying it in stores like this one.”

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