New Illinois Concealed Gun Law Includes Puzzling Caveats


After a hard-fought battle, Illinois residents next month can begin applying for permits to carry concealed guns in public, reports the Chicago Tribune. But those who do could face another challenge: figuring out where it’s legal to carry a firearm and where having a gun could land them in jail. While the Illinois statute lays out nearly two dozen places where guns are prohibited — including schools, public parks, government offices and hospitals — it also includes caveats that might seem confusing.

For example, the law prohibits guns at events where there is a large gathering of people, like neighborhood street festivals. But it allows people with guns to walk through a public gathering on the way home, to work or to their car. And although the law forbids guns in public parks, nothing in the statute prohibits someone from carrying a gun on a trail or bike path that goes through a park. “It’s like a Byzantine maze,” said Colleen Lawson, owner of a firearms training facility.

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