Deportations Drop, But Obama’s Total Is Most For Any President


The Obama administration deported 368,644 foreigners during the 2013 fiscal year, 10 percent fewer than in 2012, the New York Times reports. Still, the the total number deported under President Obama exceeds 1.9 million, by far the most for an American president. Officials said 98 percent of those deported fit into one or more of the priority categories set by Immigration and Customs Enforcement: convicted criminals, national security risks, serious immigration offenders and recent border crossers.

Some 59 percent had been convicted of a crime, a slight increase from last year. Among those, nearly three-quarters had committed serious offenses. John Sandweg, the acting director of the immigration agency, said the percentage of serious offenders deported was a record high, a result he credited to a multiyear effort and “a strong and focused immigration strategy.” About two-thirds of deportees were arrested as they tried to cross the border illegally, and about one-third were arrested inside the country.

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