JustMugShots.com Accused In Lawsuits Of Extorting $199 Fee For Web Removal


A consumer fraud lawsuit filed in California asserts that JustMugShots.com Corp. illegally extorts a $199 fee from people whose mug shots it posts online within hours of their arrests, reports the National Law Journal. That makes at least three suits against the company, which publishes the names and mug shots of arrested individuals on www.justmugshots.com and mugshots.mobi.

The latest action was filed this week in Los Angeles County Superior Court by Zim Rogers, whose mug shot stemming from an arrest more than 10 years ago for various traffic violations the company published online. “When he suddenly found these, he was pretty shocked and appalled and contacted the company to say this is old stuff, so long ago,” said his attorney, Brian Kabateck. “They said sure, we'll take off our web site.” The company takes down photos only if individuals can provide proof that charges were dropped or that they were never convicted. Otherwise, they must pay the $199 fee, the suit says.

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