In First, California’s Field Survey Finds Majority for Pot Legalization


In California, a state that pioneered rethinking marijuana laws, a majority of voters have legalization in mind, says the Sacramento Bee. A new Field Poll tracks the increasingly green-friendly attitude of Californians, a decades-long trend that has seen residents swing from seeking tougher enforcement to favoring the end of pot prohibition.

Eight percent of voters backed allowing anyone to purchase cannabis; 47 percent said it should be available with the types of controls, like age verification, that govern alcohol sales. Those two groups combined account for 55 percent of voters surveyed, marking a breakthrough for marijuana advocates: It is the first time a Field Poll has discovered clear majority support for legalization. A combined 50 percent backed the notion in 2010, when a legalization ballot initiative lost. In 1969, just 13 percent favored legalization, vastly eclipsed by the 49 percent of voters who believed harsher penalties were the answer.

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