Denver Residents Limited To Growing 12 Marijuana Plants Per Household


Denver residents will be allowed to grow only 12 marijuana plants per household for recreational use, the City Council decided yesterday, reports the Denver Post. The council continues to work on developing rules and regulations about pot as the Jan. 1 deadline approaches, when it will be legal for stores to sell pot to adults 21 and older. “In 22 days, the image of our city and state will change,” said Councilman Charlie Brown. “Some won’t be pleased with what we’ve decided, and some will. We are going to watch very closely what will happen.” The council killed a bill in committee that would have banned outside smoking on private property if it was within 1,000 feet of a school. The council unanimously agreed to make the zoning rules for recreational marijuana the same for medical marijuana.

In 2010, the council set a 12-plant limit for medical marijuana homegrows under the zoning code. Council members agreed the same limit should be extended to recreational marijuana, allowing six plants per adult with a 12-plant maximum per dwelling. Amendment 64 that was passed by Colorado voters in 2012 didn’t set a limit, but Assistant City Attorney David Broadwell said the amendment also didn’t restrict the city from setting restrictions. Without limits, he said, there are several scenarios when the plant numbers could increase — several adults per household, people growing both medical and recreational marijuana, people growing for friends.

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