Shooting of GA Alzheimer’s Victim Fuels Stand Your Ground Debate

The shooting of a man with Alzheimer’s in a small Georgia town near Chattanooga is the latest chapter in the debate over the nation's patchwork of self-defense laws, reports the New York Times. Ronald Westbrook, 72, wandered away from his home in the middle of the night on Nov. 30. At 4 a.m., he showed up at a house three miles from home, ringing the bell and jiggling the doorknob. The homeowner, Joe Hendrix, 34, stepped outside armed with a Glock pistol while his fiancee called 911.
When Westbrook failed to identify himself and moved toward him, Dix fired four shots, killing the man. Herbert Franklin, the district attorney, is working with investigators to decide if Hendrix will face charges. Franklin is already weighing another so-called Stand Your Ground case. Earlier in November, a 69-year-old man in neighboring Catoosa County, Ga, came home to find two teenagers trying to break into his house. He shot one in the neck, a 17-year-old boy who died at the hospital.

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