Fatal Shooting of Man With Alzheimer’s Prompts Stand Your Ground Test in GA


Prosecutors are reviewing whether Georgia’s “stand your ground” law applies in the case of a man who shot and killed a wandering man diagnosed with Alzheimer's, reports the Christian Science Monitor. The incident adds a new twist to the examination of the laws, focusing not on race, but on what kinds of actions qualify as a legitimate threat. In this case, a question is whether misinterpretation of clues by an armed person could lead to deadly force being used even when there is no real danger.

For now, the state has not filed charges against Joe Hendrix, who admits to shooting a 70-something man early Wednesday. The man was wearing a light coat and a straw hat in near-20 degree weather when he knocked on Hendrix's door at 4 a.m. After Hendrix's girlfriend called police, Hendrix retrieved his handgun and walked into his backyard, where he says he saw the other man in silhouette. After the man didn't respond to several verbal commands and began walking toward him, Hendrix shot him four times, once fatally.

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